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Past Exhibits



Brooks Institute Students and Faculty

Exhibit Dates: April 9 -25, 2015

Opening Reception and Award Presentation: April 11, 4 – 6 pm


An infusion of art from the work of three students at Brooks Institute will fill the walls of the Blackboard Gallery at Studio Channel Islands from April 9-25. The Tenth Annual Award of Excellence will be awarded to one student by a panel of judges from Studio Channel Islands Art Gallery during the Opening Reception on April 11 from 4-6 pm.
Emmanuel Amezcua, a Graphic Design student from Moorpark, combines his enthusiasm for all forms of art to convey his visual and textual representations of art, people and everyday objects. His love of art, which blossomed in high school, produces work that communicates the quality of truths that allows us to interact and connect with humanity.

Nataly von Pflug, is a Photography student from Hamburg, Germany. As a young girl, she became fascinated with myths, paranormal stories, and the source of our dreams. She uses her photography to tell stories that evoke emotions and thoughts to encourage people to make up their own stories in response to her work.

Dominic Crowley is a Visual Journalist student who hails from the Pacific Northwest. He claims he is at home on the road chasing adventure. He is infatuated with the outdoors and has devoted his life to visual storytelling.
Brooks Institute’s 68 year reputation of offering innovative education has provided the grounding for many alumni to attain high acclaim and win national and international awards for their work. Many have shaped the future of photography through their use of new techniques and technologies. They have made a difference in their communities through their photography, film or video and graphic design abilities. The three student artists in this show are, figuratively speaking, part of the emulsion that binds the images of the past with the promise of the future.




Ty Pownall, Gretchen Batcheller

Exhibit Dates: March 10 to April 3, 2015

Opening Reception: March 14, 4 – 6 pm

The Blackboard Gallery at Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo is pleased to host an exhibition of painting and sculpture by two contemporary artists, Gretchen Batcheller and Ty Pownall, who are faculty members of Pepperdine University, Department of Fine Arts.

Ty Pownall, from Los Angeles, uses his dynamic sculptures to explore the relationship between culture, science and mythology. His works in this exhibition are influenced by the power dynamics seen through the gender roles in creation stories, modernistic architecture and color usage in contemporary art.

Gretchen Batcheller has lived in Los Angeles for the past two years. Her paintings investigate the multifaceted make-up and complex story of the city. She seeks to create a dialog with the viewer by representing it through its endless layers of growth, stagnancy, depression and revival.

On April 1 at 5 pm, the artists invite you to an Artist Talk at the Blackboard Gallery. No admission, free parking.



Outsider Art, Chinese Calligraphy, and Uppity Women:

Different Approaches to Figurative Art 

Opening Reception January 10, 4 – 6 pm

The life experiences of figurative artists Tiger Huang, Maggie Kildee, and Elle-Jé Freeheart could not be more different, yet all three approach the image of the human body as a portal to our emotions. A free reception for their joint exhibition “Image and Essence,” is on Saturday, January 10 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. at the Blackboard Gallery of Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Old Town Camarillo. The exhibit runs January 3 – 28, 2015.

Embracing My Shadow, Dancing My Light
Describing herself as an outsider artist, Elle-Jé Freeheart’s ceramic sculpture includes features such as incomplete bodies or unconnected parts or wounds. Rather than being expressions of anguish, the artist explains that the sculpture pieces are containers of emotional feelings: angst or elation made visible.
Freeheart says she is self-taught, without art training or private instruction, which she feels has allowed her the freedom to develop her vision without influences from traditional methodology. Her work has been exhibited and is in collections in this country and abroad, and she has been a board member of Green Art People and the Artists Union Gallery. Freeheart’s art career has included book illustration, teaching and writing. In line with Freeheart’s interest in the human body and emotions, she is an aesthetician, herbalist, aroma therapist and massage therapist.

Three Minutes on a Stage
The work of Tiger Huang, born in northern China, reflects Chinese traditional art as well as newer American influences. A master in calligraphy and Sumi pen and ink, Huang’s figurative work often blends calligraphy and drawing, using both complicated and sparse strokes to define gesture and expressions. Several pieces in this exhibit explore the intricate meanings of specific Chinese characters, which are boldly painted over the related figures behind them. A calligraphy installation is also part of his exhibition.

Huang graduated in industrial design from Chin Gun Ye Art and Design College in Hu Nan Xin Xian and worked as a designer for major companies in China before coming to the United States. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in California. His paintings and drawings are in collections here and abroad.
Uppity Women
Working with clay has been a passion for many years for Maggie Kildee. Gravitating toward the full round shapes of women, Kildee enjoys the challenge of using clay to express the emotions they might be feeling. Some recent pieces have had a more angular shape, but her terracotta women are all slightly large, plain, uninhibited, and having fun. She often describes her creations as “Uppity Women,” such as the one dancing happily even if she is certainly not young or light on her feet. Kildee’s sculpture emphasizes the women’s shapes and gestures, creating the challenge of expressing their feelings with less detail.

Kildee never envisioned becoming a professional ceramicist. She taught elementary school in Camarillo for 10 years before becoming one of the first women elected to the County Board of Supervisors, where she served for 16 years. When she joined others to help found Studio Channel Islands Art Center, she began working in clay again. Kildee was in Guadalajara when she saw one of Francisco Zuniga’s sculptures, and she credits his work as the inspiration for many of the earthy women she creates. Her pieces are collected throughout the United States, and Kildee has exhibited extensively.


Lucia Grossberger Morales, “Sacred Bots” and “Moving Paintings”

Eileen Hyman, “Knowing. Remembering”

Erik Reel, “Silence”

Exhibit Dates December 4 – 26

Opening Reception December 6, 4- 6 pm

Lucia Grossberger Morales, “Sacred Bots” Robots and Moving Paintings Reflect Artist’s Passion for Technology

After painter Lucia Grossberger Morales saw her first Apple II computer in 1979, she sold her new house, and with those profits bought the computer and the time to learn how to communicate with it. The artist’s continuing passion for creating art supported and inspired by technology is evident in her most recent “Sacred Bots” acrylic paintings and “Moving Paintings,” on exhibition at the Blackboard Gallery of Studio Channel Islands Art Center from December 4- 26. The free reception is Saturday, December 6 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

The brushstrokes in “Moving Paintings” are generated completely from computer code. The “Sacred Bots” painting series was inspired by Morales’ passion for robots and questions about why some cultures are more accepting of them than others. Creating the series also raised first time questions for the artist about how to reconcile her positive attitudes toward technology with its negative impacts.

Morales’ interactive installations, videos and CD-ROMs have been exhibited in museums, galleries and film shows in the United States, Latin America and Europe, locally including San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Oakland Museum, Palm Springs Art Museum and Long Beach Museum of Art. The artist also coauthored AppleVisions for which Steve Wozniak wrote the foreword, and Designer’s Tool Kit, a graphics program published by Apple Computer, Inc. She currently has a studio at Studio Channel Islands Art Center and lives in both Camarillo and Palm Springs.


Eileen Hyman, “Knowing. Remembering” Nurturing Alternatives Sought In Artist’s Quest

In the 40 years that Eileen G. Hyman has been making art, her quest always centers around the nature of existence, with art her means to explore the unknown. See where Hyman’s search takes her in her exhibit “Knowing . Remembering”.

Hyman works in several mediums and processes. She observes that her paintings of figurative images, collage made of found objects, and artist books and boxes all nurture her ongoing investigation into the mysteries and relationship between mankind and the universe. In this search she hopes to find nurturing alternatives to what she calls “the rage of our time.”


Erik Reel, “Silence” Erik Reel Paintings Continue Exploration of Mark-Making 

Contemporary artist Erik Reel continues his explorations of mark-making and signification in “Silence,” an exhibition of recent works.

In 2009 Reel began a series of paintings exploring the nature of human mark-making, which he describes as “something that separates us from what came before.” Reel’s work is influenced by an infinite range of sources, including micro-and nano-photography, poorly erased whiteboards, improvisational music, abandoned industrial sites, hieroglyphs, wars, concrete, cytoplasm, wood, other painters, scratched surfaces, blizzards, typography, the human voice, the inside of an eyeball, the improvisational traditions of the Indian sub-continent.

Reel is represented in collections worldwide, including New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Houston, San Francisco, Seattle, and San Diego. He has written on art for such publications as Art Week, wrote a weekly column on the arts for the Bellevue Journal-American, was arts editor for the Seattle Voice city magazine, and sat on the Seattle Arts Commission Special Task Forces for Media and for Educational Institutions in the Arts. A graduate of the University of Washington, he also taught art at Seattle Central Community College.  Today Reel maintains his studio in Ventura, California.


Clothing Optional  (Call for Entries)

Juror: David Elder

Exhibit Dates: October 30 – November 28

Opening Reception November 1, 4 – 6 pm

 “Clothing Optional,” a juried exhibition of imaginatively interpreted artwork inspired by a purposely ambiguous subject, opens October 30 and runs through November 28 at the Blackboard Gallery of Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Old Town Camarillo. The free artists’ reception and cash award presentation is on Saturday, November 1 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. The juror was sculptor David Elder.

1st Place Kristine Schomaker “A Comfortable Skin”

2nd place Anna Marie January “Kind of Blue”

3rd Place Denny Driver “Without a Cause”

Honorable Mentions:
Doug Rucker “The Ladies Are Waiting”
David Isakson “Pinup”
Charles Karp “Putting Beauty on a Pedestol”


RohdeBrulandwebMichael Rohde, Richard Bruland

Exhibit Dates October 1 – 24

Opening Reception October 4, 4 – 6 pm

“Parallels,” a joint solo exhibition of Richard Bruland’s abstract paintings and Michael Rohde’s woven tapestries, runs October 1-24 in the Blackboard Gallery of Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo. A free public reception for the two internationally exhibited artists is on Saturday, October 4 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Bruland and Rohde approach their art from different mediums, but parallels emerge in their treatment of color and visual fields, and both use traditional methods.


Like a painter, weaver Rohde mixes his own colors for dyes he makes to achieve a range of contrasts in his tapestries. By limiting his vocabulary to color and woven texture, Rohde feels the works are better able to stimulate the reactions and emotions that raw color and spatial relationships can have on the viewer. After pursuing dual careers in biochemistry and weaving, in 1998 Rohde left as a director of a biotechnology research lab to devote full time to working in woven textiles. His pieces are in the permanent collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Mingei Museum in San Diego, and the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. A resident of Westlake Village, Rohde studied at the Glassel School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.


Bruland thinks of his structurally abstract paintings in landscape terms, using traditional methods and materials to infer a sense of place. To do this, he focuses on transitions from light to dark, referencing the natural world, and using color to draw viewers into a personal exploration of his own particular signatures. Bruland’s paintings are in the collection of the University of Kentucky, Albert B. Chandler Hospital, as well as in private collections throughout the United States. He currently teaches painting at American Jewish University. Born in Lima, Peru, Bruland grew up in Geneva, Switzerland and now lives in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts in Valencia and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Annual Juried Membership Exhibit (Call for Entries)

Juror: Richard Amend

Exhibit Dates September 4 – 26

Opening Reception September 6, 4 – 6 pm

Crème de La Crème, Studio Channel Islands Art Center’s juried member exhibition, opens September 4 at their Blackboard Gallery in Old Town Camarillo and runs through September 26. The free artists’ reception and award presentation for Crème de La Crème is Saturday, September 6 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. The 1st place winners in two- dimensional and three-dimensional are each awarded a joint solo show in 2016.

The annual member exhibit is open to entry by all 160 artist members of Studio Channel Islands, and works of any medium were eligible as long as they “fit through the door.” The juror this year was artist Richard Amend.


Joint Solo Show in 2016
1st Place 2D Peggy Pownall
1st Place 3D David Isakson

2nd Place 2D Sigrid Orlet “Give me Your Tired, Your Poor”
2nd Place 2D Mary McGill “Silhouette”

3rd place 2D Arlene Mead “Quote of the Day #1”
3rd Place 3D Bob Privitt “Horn Girl Threatened by a Butterfly”

Honorable Mention
Mary Gail King “Fly”


Works were chosen Carolyn Barone, John Brown, Kim Clarke, Carlos Cordova, Robert Diehl, Pia Dietzen, Helen Dziadulewicz, Frances Elson, Harold Epstein, Maria Erlichman, Lynn Farrand, Patrick Fisher, Karin Geiger, Dan Givens, Lucia Grossberger, Brent Hanson, Wendy Holder, Michelle Honles, Tiger Huang, David Isakson, Charles Karp, Maggie Kildee, Mary-Gail King, Christine Leong, Eileen Maloney, Mary McGill, Arlene Mead, Janet Milhomme, Shelly Moore, David Nelson, Gwenlyn Norton, Sigrid Orlet, Barbara Pickles, Jordan Poe, Patricia Post, Tom Post, Peggy Pownall, Bob Privitt, Pat Richards-Dodds, Michael Rohde, Melanie Roschko, Mark Rubin, Sal Santangelo, Arline Tepper, Judy Winard, and Marion Wood.



Exhibit Dates August 2- 30
Opening Reception August 2, 4-6 pm

Marion Wood ”Mind the Gap”

Pamela Price Klebaum ”Greenland Diary”

Director’s Gallery: Robin Tripaidi ”MELTING POINT: Contemporary Encaustic”

The exuberantly red buses of London and Greenland’s translucent icebergs are the contrasting starting points for painter Marion Wood and glass artist Pamela Price Klebaum, whose joined solo exhibitions open Saturday, August 2 at Studio Channel Islands’ Blackboard Gallery in Old Town Camarillo, California. Also on exhibit August 2-31 is Robin Tripaldi’s ” “Melting Point: Contemporary Encaustic”. The free artists’ reception is on Saturday, August 2 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. and the exhibitions run through August 29.

Marion Wood’s “Mind the Gap” paintings feature cropped perspectives of London buses, reflecting light and movement in exuberant color and bold brushstrokes. The series was inspired by an experience two years ago when Wood stepped out onto a busy London street to find herself surrounded by noise, color and reflections as red transit buses flashed by every few seconds. The exhibit also features pieces from her other recent series, “Veiled,” reflecting Wood’s interest in what she calls the unexpected beauty of mundane objects. Her paintings have been exhibited extensively in Ventura County and are in private collections here and in the United Kingdom. She attended The Oxted School in the United Kingdom, California Art Institute, and Moorpark College.

Pamela Price Klebaum’s exhibition “Greenland Diary” includes kiln-formed glass and textile work. The series is the culmination of a year’s focus on work inspired by a diary kept by her father, who participated in a then-top secret mission to build an airbase in Thule, Greenland in 1951, during the Cold War. Klebaum’s translucent and opalescent pieces are intended to evoke the beauty and hazard of the icebergs and Thule fog described in the diary. Klebaum is a 35-year Ventura resident who began art school after retiring as a college professor. She eventually settled on kiln-formed glass as her medium, after working in fiber for many years. Today she often merges several artistic disciplines in her pieces. Klebaum has had two solo shows with the Buenaventura Art Association, and her work been featured in exhibits nationally and internationally, as well as in books and magazines.

The ancient painting technique of encaustic wax intrigues modern abstract artist Robin Tripaldi, who fuses its unique luminosity and tactile surfaces with the geometry and structures of the contemporary world. Tripaldi is currently working in encaustic as her primary medium. The paintings are made up of multiple layers, and she often incorporates collage elements in the wax, sometimes revealed, sometimes not.  She also makes her own paints – a mixture of raw pigments and beeswax, together with proportions of dammar resin, carnauba, and microcrystalline waxes. Once the wax is heated to a molten state, it is brushed onto a panel and she alternates between building up layers, fusing with a blowtorch, heat gun and an iron.

With a background in three-dimensional art, Tripaldi has worked in interior design and the museum field. Her involvement in exhibitions by artists such as Judy Chicago reignited her passion for creating contemporary paintings. Her work is in private collections nationwide and has appeared in print publications. She has been an exhibitor and curator in Austin, Texas and is a co-Founder of the Los Angeles Chapter of International Encaustic Artists.



Heather Scholl “Then & Now”

Aragna Ker “Spirited Away”

Director’s Gallery:

KJ Cooksey “EveDesign”

Exhibit Dates: July 3 – 26, 2014

Reception: July 19, 4 – 6 pm

Aragna Ker, Heather Scholl and KJ Cooksey all create portraits, but each approaches the nature of identity from a different viewpoint. Their three exhibitions are now open at the Blackboard Gallery of Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo through July 26. The free artists’ reception is on Saturday, July 19 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

The exhibition “Then and Now” features narrative, often ethereal, portraits by Los Angeles artist Heather Scholl, who paints to capture the essence of people “as timeless reminders of our interconnectedness.” The influence of extensive Asian travels is often reflected in her work. Scholl began her career in Seattle, where she worked as an illustrator and fine artist while teaching at Cornish College of the Arts. Her work has been shown in galleries and publications nationally and internationally since 1994, and her paintings are in private and public collections throughout the western United States.

Aragna Ker’s goal with his playful portraits in “Spirited Away” is to combine intangible similarities to blur individual identity. He fuses cultural symbols and myth to explore a range of hybrid identities, often using unrelated materials such as toothpicks, straws, and newspaper to execute the ambiguity. A native of Cambodia who immigrated to Southern California as a child, Ker holds a master’s in sculpture from Claremont Graduate University. His work has been exhibited throughout Southern California in venues including the Hammer Museum, and has been displayed in the United States Embassy in Cambodia. He currently specializes in artistic instruction to adults with disabilities at First Street Gallery Art Center in Claremont, California.

The “Eve Design” exhibition deals with a very specific element of identity: marketing and the influence celebrities have on the interpretation of women’s roles and expectations. The creation story of Adam and Eve inspired the title of artist KJ Cooksey’s exhibit of paintings which humorously draw upon current women’s magazine covers and other forms of marketing. Cooksey is the gallery manager for the Blackboard Gallery at Studio Channel Islands and will be leaving this fall to pursue her Master of Fine Art degree at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. A four year Fine Arts Merit Scholar at California State University at Bakersfield, she has exhibited throughout Southern California, and received the 2012 Star Award as Best Young Artist from the Ventura County Arts Counsel.



Exhibit Dates: June 5 – 28, 2014

Opening Reception: June 7, 4 – 6 pm

Since 2008, fine arts photographer Craig Alan Huber has been a man on what can best be described as a mission—to make pilgrimages to all 21 of the historic California Missions. See what his recently completed photographic journeys reveal in “The Spirit Within -The California Missions,” on exhibition at Studio Channel Islands Art Center’s Blackboard Gallery from June 5- 29. The free artist’s reception is Saturday, June 7 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.

To capture the spirit of the different missions, Huber chose to use a large format 5×7 view camera and printed the black and white series in platinum/palladium from the in-camera negatives.  The exhibit also includes images from his travels to the island of Mallorca, Spain, where Junípero Serra, founding father of the missions, was born more than 300 years ago. Huber’s work is in the permanent collections of The National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, Mission San Francisco de Asis, San Francisco, and the Museo de Fray Junípero Serra in Spain, among others.

Huber grew up in Camarillo, and his exhibit is being held less than a mile from where he bought his first serious camera, which he still owns. He is now a resident of Washington State.


Also on exhibit June 5-29  is “Landmarks of Camarillo” which includes artwork celebrating the 50th anniversary of the city of Camarillo and the 100th anniversary of the St Mary Magdalen Chapel in Old Town Camarillo. The Call for Entries exhibit was juried by David Gallup, Signature Member of the California Art Club and resident artist at Studio Channel Islands Art Center.

The exhibit features art work created during our Plein Air Festival and Competition on May 9 and 10.  “I discovered Camarillo! This is a beautiful town. I will definitely come back to paint more” said Westlake Village resident Bob Raser, one of 16 plein air artists painting historic landmarks of Camarillo to celebrate the city’s creation 50 years ago. The Saturday May 10 awards reception was held on the grounds of the 100-year old St. Mary Magdalen Chapel in Old Town Camarillo, which was also one of the landmarks chosen for the artists to paint.  Artist Sparkle Taylor was awarded both first place and the artist’s award for her painting of the Red Barn at the Camarillo Ranch House.

Participating Artists are Ellen Bergan, John S. Brown, Christopher Cook, Pam D’Ambrosio, Blossom Friel, Michelle Honles, David Isakson, Kathy Jonokuchi, Linda Kidd, David Kiefer, Mary-Gail King, Carmen Lamp, Jean Myers, Anette Power, Robert Raser, and Sparkle Taylor.



GaryLang_pcfrontwebExhibit Dates: May 2 – 30, 2014

“Words & Consequences,” an exhibition of works by Gary Lang, opens May 2 at Studio Channel Islands Art Center’s Blackboard Gallery. In this series, capital letters move in energetic rhythms across the gallery walls, often joined together without spacing, engaging the viewer to discover the words of poetry. The opening free reception is on Saturday, May 3 from 4:00-6:00 p.m., and the exhibition runs through May 30. On Friday, May 16 at 5:00 p.m., there will be a Conversation with the Artist.

Prominent in the recent history of abstract art, Lang began his Word Work exploration in the early 1970s, even earlier than his Circles series, for which he is best known. Lang has had more than seventy solo exhibitions in the United States, Austria, France, Japan, The Netherlands and Spain, and is in museum, institutional and private collections throughout the world. Now a resident of Ojai, California, Lang attended the California Institute of the Arts, holds an MFA from Yale University, and received a Fulbright/Hayes Travel and Research Grant to live in Barcelona for two years prior to settling in New York City and then Southern California.



Ventura College Students’ Award Exhibit

announcing the


Featuring  Savanna RyanAndrew Rodriguez and Dylan Gasaway

Congratulations to Savanna Ryan!


In Conjunction with Conejo Players Theater

Bits & Pieces

An Art Exhibit inspired by Steve Martin’s play “Picasso at the Lapin Agile”

Juried by Tony Askew, Westmont College


1st Prize: Blossom Friel

2nd Prize: Bob Privitt

3rd Prize: Mary McGill







“Less Is More, Much More”, an Exploration of Subtlety, Suggestion, Nuance and Innuendo

Exhibit Dates: February 27 – March 22, 2014

 Opening Reception & Awards: Saturday, March 1, 4 – 6 pm

Juror: Khaled Al-Awar

Exhibiting artists:

Asandra, Carolyn Barone, Kristi Beisecker, John Brown, Christine Campbell, Sam Crane,  Kristine DeNinno, Ray DiZazzo, Maria Erlichman, BiJian Fan, Elaine Farley Kinnaird, Victoria Goro-Rapoport, Sandra Hampton, Brent Hanson, David Isakson, Charles Karp, Susan R. Kaufman, Maggie Kildee, Smadar Knobler, Maria Larios, Mary McGill, Janet Milhomme, David Nelson, Gwenlyn Norton, Patricia Post, Tom Post, Peggy Pownell, Bob Privitt, Sigrid Orlet, Michael F. Rohde, Pat Richards Dodds, Karen Scott Browdy, Carol Seibold,  Daggi Wallace, Frank Walsh, Marion Wood, Joan Wynn

1st Place: Susan R. Kaufman,  Quest #II, Bronze on a black granite base

2nd Place: Charles Karp, Eye of the Beholder, Oil Painting

3rd Place: Maria Larios,  Covered by a Haze, Photography

Honorable Mentions: Maggi Kildee BiJian Fan Joan Wynn


January 4 – 29, 2014

Thread/Bare Exhibition Opens at Blackboard Gallery

Reception Saturday, January 11, 3 – 6 PM


Visitors to the group exhibition “Thread/Bare” may be surprised to see trees with dangling roots filling a stage and a wall installation with hundreds of fragile clay fragments that seem to float. Running January 4-29, 2014 at Studio Channel Islands Art Center’s Blackboard Gallery in Camarillo, the exhibition includes work by six artists with divergent approaches and materials-Nurit Avesar, Michael Clinite, Elana Kundell, Susan Kurland, Janet Neuwalder and Sigrid Orlet-who thread together boundaries between the recognizable and abstracted as well as explore the power of symbolism and personal revelation. The free artists’ reception is Saturday, January 11 from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

An exhibit catalogue with an introduction by Los Angeles-based art critic Shana Nys Dambrot is available, and a free panel discussion about the creative process is on Sunday, January 26 at 4:00 p.m.

Nurit Avesar’s large mixed media pieces combine mono prints of abstracted patterns of water with rust and oil painting. She uses those elements to convey subconscious memories both cultural and personal, as well as the destruction waged by both time and wars.

Sanding, layering and using nontraditional materials in his paints and surfaces, Michael Clinite experiments with mixed media and print making techniques, incorporating monoprints into larger mixed media compositions. Clinite’s intent is to make art that is poetic and stimulates the viewer’s imagination to complete the work.

Elana Kundell’s primary concern is color. Fascinated with the edges of color, its shapes, luminosity, instability and relationships, she compares color to music in its immediacy to experience and emotions, and she often paints to music. Kundell’s paintings are nonrepresentational, but she structures her imaginary environments so the viewer’s memory translates from the ambiguous to the familiar, the abstract to a landscape.

Susan Kurland credits her artistic inspiration to the creativity and bonds of her family of female stitchers. That and a theatre and fashion background are recalled in her use of thread and fabric to “draw” textured abstract pieces. These same connections appear in her feminist ceramic figures, which resemble dressmaker forms. Wrapped in tightly wound thread, they speak to the conflicting constraints with which women deal.

Working primarily in clay, Janet Neuwalder coats, dips and layers natural and industrial materials with ceramic raw materials, then fires them into “contemporary fossils” which invite reflection upon how objects are born and transformed by nature. Her large wall installations, assembled with hundreds of fragile clay fragments, seem to float and reveal the possibility of microscopic worlds usually invisible. Neuwalder’s interest in memory led her to create “fractured drawings” of real and imagined places with negative spaces left open for imagination and dialogue.

Sigrid Orlet’s tree installation references the exhibit title, exposing what is usually hidden beneath the surface. Her sculpture, paintings and mixed media pieces include figurative and abstract elements as well as spiritual and symbolic objects, iconography and text. Orlet’s background in the field of creativity studies included investigation into the complexity of symbol formation, which later became the conceptual foundation for her work.




“In the Detail”

Size Matters in Exhibit of Small Works

Exhibit Dates: December  5 – 28, 2013


Little things mean a lot, especially in the new exhibition “In the Detail: Small Works,” at the Blackboard Gallery of Studio Channel Islands Art Center. Including only art that doesn’t exceed 12 inches in any direction, the juried show opens with a free artists’ reception and awards presentation on Thursday, December 5 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. It closes December 28. Works in the exhibit are of various media, including paintings, ceramics, stone sculptures and mixed media pieces.

Juror: Jim Webb


1st: Judy Winard “Square Peg in a Round Hole”

2nd: Bob Privitt “Speedboat”

3rd: BJ Fan “Stripes”


Honorable Mentions

Keri Bruns “Grandpa’s Farm, Pleasant Hill, Missouri” and “Saturday Afternoon, Point Mogu, CA”

Shannon Celia “Stormy Palms”

Robert Diehl “Bicycle on Steps”

Mary-Gail King “El Matador”

Eileen Maloney “Pansies”

Michael Rohde “Extensions”

Carol Seibold “Freebird”



November 1 – 30

Susan Lasch Krevitt  ”Between The Tides”

Shelly Moore ”Breathing from the Soul”

Marcus Armitaje “When The Earth Speaks”

Ocean tides, heat waves passing through crystalline minerals, and earthen clay have inspired the artists in three solo exhibitions opening together on Friday, November 1 at the new Blackboard Gallery of Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo. ”Between the Tides” by artist Susan Lasch Krevitt, “When the Earth Speaks” by digital artist Marcos Armitaje and “Breathing From the Soul” by ceramic hand builder Shelly Ann Moore run through November 30. The free artists’ reception is on Saturday, November 2 from 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Referencing the power of the waves, Susan Lasch Krevitt’s encaustic paintings are tactile, relief-based abstractions in which textiles are embedded, hidden and exposed. Lasch Krevitt sees them as a metaphor for the accumulation of experience in our lives. She most often uses textiles, mixed media and encaustic in her pieces. A graduate of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Lasch Krevitt’s work has been shown nationally and abroad. The Thousand Oaks resident teaches locally and was a presenter this year for the 7th International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown,  MA where her work won the Juror’s Award in the show at the Castle Hill Gallery.

Shelly Ann Moore’s exhibit includes ceramic figures she builds in an unusual way—she starts the clay busts at the shoulders but stops before finishing the head. Moore feels the incomplete figures represent the freedom to let the mind breath, allowing the human spirit to find and express its purpose. Moore discovered her love for clay in classes at Moorpark College, and later received her BFA from California Lutheran University; she is presently in a masters program at the Academy of Art & Design in San Francisco. Moore’s work has appeared in the American Museum of Ceramic Art/Studio Gallery in Pomona, and locally at the Artist Union Gallery, Studio Channel Islands Art Center, Moorpark Art Festival, and Moorpark Community College.

Marcos Armitaje’s exhibit shows viewers something they can’t see with the naked eye. A scientific imaging specialist, Armitaje has developed a technique for capturing digital images of heat passing through the earth’s minerals, revealing what he describes as “crystalwaves.” He then prints the images in luminous colors on metal as well as on canvas. The Thousand Oaks resident holds graduate degrees in biological imaging as well as science education. Armitaje’s work has been exhibited in the Museum of Computer Art in New York, in exhibitions throughout California, most recently in Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, as well as in Sedona, Arizona and Santa Fe, New Mexico.



October 3 – 26

“A View From Within”
Annual Juried Membership Show

Artist members of Studio Channel Islands Art Center reveal a “View From Within” during their annual juried show at the Center’s new Blackboard Gallery in Camarillo. The exhibition runs from October 3 through 26, with a free reception Saturday, October 5 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Resident artist studios behind the gallery are also open to the public earlier on that Saturday from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

Members were asked to submit what they thought was their best work done during the previous year. The “View From Within” exhibit includes fifty pieces by thirty artists. Featured artists are John Brown, Chenhung Chen , Katherine Cooksey, Carlos Cordova, Pat Richards Dodds, Maria Erlichman, BiJian Fan, Lynn Farrand, Patrick Fisher, Blossom Friel, Sandra Hampton, David Isakson, Susan R. Kaufman, Eileen Maloney, Janet Milhomme, Sigrid Orlet, Mike Pecsok, Pia Dietzen, Barbara Pickles, Jordan Poe, Patricia Post, Tom Post, Anette Power, Peggy Pownall, Bob Privitt, Doug Rucker, Sal Santangelo, Judy Spector, Mary Thompson, and Daggi Wallace.

Entries were juried by Dr. Michael Pearce, chair of the Art Department and curator of the Kwan Fong Gallery of Art and Culture at California Lutheran University.


Congratulations to the winners:


Honorable Mentions

3D     David Isakson “A View From Within”

2D     Patricia Post “Challenge”

3rd place:

2D    Daggi Wallace “Listening”

3D     Susan R. Kaufman “Spirit Guide No.2”

2nd place:

2D    Carlos Cordova “Danger Cells on the Horizon”

3D    Mary Dee Thompson “Red Label”

1st place:

2D    Jordon Poe “Bodie #5”

3D     Mike Pecsok “Analog One”


September 5 – 28

Gerd Koch, Carole Milton “Our Journey – Together”

Barbara Pickles “Confessions of a Stay At Home Mom”

“Our Journey – Together -1976-2013,” a select retrospective of paintings by Gerd Koch and by Carole Milton, is on exhibition at the new Blackboard Gallery of Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo from September 5 through 28. The free artists’ reception is Saturday, September 7 from 4:00-6:00 p.m.

The opening reception includes the opening of a month long silent auction for two paintings by the artists.

The emphasis on their current work, and this joint exhibit reflects differing ways each artist has been inspired by their 37 years of shared life, art and travels.

Expressionist Milton’s recent Celestial and Mystical Series explores the universe through her conceptual vision, with eight of the Celestial pieces exhibited as a progression. Koch newer work continues to explore the environment of Ojai’s chaparral. The abstract, gestural paintings are described by the artist as visual music and a record of the paintbrush’s dance-like movements.

Additionally, on September 14 from 4:00-6:00 p.m., there will be an artist talk by Gerd Koch entitled “Visual Music” in which he will talk about their journey and paintings. Gerd’s presentation will include a 1950s recording of the late Dylan Thomas reading his poems. A book signing for “Our Journey – Together – 1976-2013”will be held after the presentation. Carole Milton and Gerd Koch will each be donating a painting as a door prize during the event.

Artists Gerd Koch and Carole Milton, partners for many years, share a passion for exploring our environment in paint and “making the invisible visible: Abstract Expressionism,” as 84-year old Koch explains. Inspired by great masters, especially Vincent Van Gogh and Joan Mitchell, the two also take and lead trips and tours to Europe and elsewhere to see the original art.

Milton is originally from Yakima, Washington, but quickly expanded her life and later landed at Ventura College studying art. After going with Koch on a European tour he led in 1976, in the next three years she took her daughter on two tours, and then drove the length of Spain and visited Portugal. She completed her B.F.A. at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1981, but as early as 1973 began exhibiting award-winning paintings. One of her pieces is in the collection of the nephew of the revered late American Abstract Expressionist Joan Mitchell. Among Milton’s’ exhibits was a solo show at Studio Channel Islands Art Center in 2007.

Koch has painted and taught art in Southern California since 1952, when he arrived in Ojai. Koch is a cofounding member of Studio Channel Islands Art Center, and over the years he has been an advocate and supporter for arts organizations in Ventura County.

He received his B.F.A. from Wayne State University in 1951 and M.F.A. from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1967. One of his unique experiences there was as a teaching assistant to a visiting German professor who had graduated from the famed Bauhaus Art School (before it was shut down by Hitler). The professor gave Koch his own class to teach—and the challenge to explain the theories. Later he taught at Santa Barbara City College, Ventura College, and for many years for University of California, Santa Barbara extension.

Koch’s many solo shows include exhibitions at major Los Angeles galleries and museums in the United States, and his work is in numerous private and museum collections. The recipient of many awards, he is listed in Who’s Who of American Artists, Who’s Who of American Educators, and Who’s Who in America.

In the Director’s Gallery, Barbara Pickles will show “Confession of a Stay At Home Mom”. Wife and mother Barbara Pickles took pictures of her three sons from the day they were born. But as this artist photographer sought to convey the reality within her family, she was always brought back to the images around the dining room table-images in which she was always absent. See how she put herself back in the picture in “Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom,” an exhibition of photographs by Barbara Pickles at the new Blackboard Gallery of Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo. The exhibition runs from September 5 through 28, with the free artists’ reception on Saturday, September 7 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Also on exhibit during the same time period is a retrospective of paintings by artists Gerd Koch and Carole Milton.

Pickles is a photographer, graphic designer and writer living in Southern California, and presently an artist in residence at Studio Channel Islands Art Center. After the birth of her third child, she decided that raising her boys was what she describes as the ultimate creative act and became a stay-at-home mom until the boys were older. She then returned to school to earn her MFA in photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. Pickles previously worked as an art director, graphic designer, commercial and music video producer and photographer in Los Angeles. She is a graduate of Wellesley College in Massachusetts.


August 1 – 30

“I have learned in years of studio and exhibition practice that talent is overrated and often capable of sabotaging and buffering self-expression.  In reviewing the selection of images available for my curation of this exhibit I have held sacred issues that dignify luminosity, the power and courage of expression while exploring the language of color, and surfaces that flicker and pop with energy and honesty.

Needless to say there were probably three credible exhibit options,  and on this occasion chance has favored the following. There are no losers or rejections. ALL entries are provocative and compelling, and I am honored to have had this opportunity. ”

Gary Lang



TOLD Award: Sylvia Torres “Sanctuary #2”

Honorable Mentions:

Teresa Coles “White”

Lucia Grossberger Morales “Scared Bots #1” “Scared Bots #4”, “Scared Bots #7”

Michael Rohde “Danse”

Pia Dietzen “Summer”, “Red Flowers”, “Running Water Mosaik”


Third Place: Regina Vorgang (weaving) “Thistle”

Second: Eileen Hyman (Mixed Media, Collage) “Soul Whispers”

First: Mary Beth Schwartzenberger (Mixed Media) “Through the Mist”


People’s Choice Award: on-going until the end of the show. Gallery visitors vote for their favorite piece of art. The winner will receive a free Call for Entries.



Asian & European Sensibilities Reflected

Two Exhibits Opening July 3

Free Artists’ Reception Sunday, July 6


“Dancing with the Formless,” a selection from five series by artist Chenhung Chen, is on exhibition at the Main Gallery of Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo from July 3 through 27. Also on exhibit are works by Sweet Samson, an MFA student at Otis College of Art and Design. The free artists’ reception is Saturday, July 6 from 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Chen’s interest in what she calls the formless is explored through the forms themselves. Water series pieces reflect quiet lowland water as well as stormy seas, while pieces in the series How Do You Spin Your Yarn? reflect Chinese calligraphy and painting and include linear elements in a three-dimensional setting. Chen is a graduate of the Chinese Culture University and holds an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Samson’s imagery investigates the subjectivity of personal experience and its impact on collective consciousness. She is currently an MFA student at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. She holds degrees from Moscow State University for Design and Technology and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.


Three Exhibits Explore Privacy, Time, and the Human Figure

Opening Reception June 1 , 4 – 6 pm

Three new exhibits featuring the work of artists Debra McKillopArlene Mead and Patricia Post open Saturday, June 1 at the Studio Channel Islands Art Center gallery in Camarillo, with a free artists’ reception from 4:00-6:00 p.m. The exhibits run through June 29.


McKillop’s “More Meditations on Time” exhibit continues her ongoing series about interconnectedness, with two and three-dimensional works that reference human interactions with nature. Mead’s “More Than the Sum” includes revealing collage portraits created from the subjects’ deliberately shredded documents, which illustrate illusions about protecting privacy while willingly sharing personal information. “Confluence: The Painter as Printmaker” focuses on Patricia Post’s cross pollination of traditional and contemporary processes, as she continues to search for new insight into the emotional and narrative content of the figure.


About Women

An exhibition of art simply – and complexly – about women

Exhibit Dates: May 2 – 25, 2013

Opening Reception: May 4, 4 – 6 pm

Juror: Irena Costache, PhD

Director’s Gallery:

Gwenlyn NortonCounterpoised


Students and Facility from Oxnard College
Opening Reception April 6th 4-6pm 

Show Runs April 4-27

Studio Channel Islands Art Center announced the winner of its annual $1,000 Award for Excellence in Art Studies at a ceremony on Saturday, April 6th, from 4 to 6 p.m. Award finalists were Oxnard College students: Donna Espinoza, Samantha McClain, John Del Rosari, and Danny Lawlor. Donna Espinoza won the award.

Award Committee member Bob Privitt said:  ”As the committee judged the work, it was evident that all the entrants were quite competent.  However, for me, the winner Donna Espinoza showed a great potential for future excellence, as well as superior control of media and concept.”
Patti Post added: “I was very impressed with Donna’s level of both technique and concept..her portfolio demonstrated a consistent,  high degree of conceptual thinking throughout, her ideas; relevant and poignant, her potential is huge!”

Each year the art center selects a local college to submit student art. Entrants must be art majors who want to become full-time artists. This year Oxnard College was invited to submit portfolios of promising students.

The award is based on the art center scholarship committee’s evaluation of the quality of the art rather than the student’s financial need.



Exhibit “On the Level”

Exhibit dates March 6 – 29

Opening Reception Saturday, March 9, 4 – 6 pm

 What happens when you give a group of artists each a measuring tape, 32 mm film and a level? You have an amazing assemblage of creativity as each artist creates their own meaning, context and narrative for these items.

Exhibiting artists: Beverly Decker, BiJian Fan, Amani Fliers, Blossom Friel, Lucia Grossberger Morales, David Isakson, Julie Kornblum, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Leslie McQuaide, Arlene Mead, Janet Neuwalder, Sigrid Orlet, Ty Pownall, Bob Privitt, Stephen Schafer, Robin Tripaldi, Kathy Waggoner, and Jan Wasserman.

Susan Lasch Krevitt’s encaustic piece won the “People’s Choice Award”.

An Artists’ Panel Discussion was held at the gallery on March 23 at 4 pm.

The Director’s Gallery will showcase traditional drawings by members of Studio Channel Islands Art Center.


Call for Entries Exhibit: “ESSENCE”

Opening Reception and Awards: Saturday, February 2, 4 – 6pm

Juror: Johanna Spinks

Director’s Gallery: Brent Hanson
What’s Love Got to Do With It?


ESSENCE features portraits which may or may not show literal likeness, but which invite the search for true identity. We invited artists to exhibit figurative works as well as works that represent an approach beyond the literal.

Juror Johanna Spinks said: “It is always an honor to be asked to judge an art show and other artists’ work.   I always take the matter seriously as I enter many art shows myself so know what it feels like to make the cut or not.

When judging this show, I was looking for work that obviously spoke to me in some way and caught my portrait eye,  be it in a more traditional representation of the portrait, or a more contemporary line, art thought, moulding or swash of color.  I think the show and my selection reflect a really diverse and very interesting interpretation of the portrait in all forms of art.

I was impressed by the many entries, have thought about them often since judging the show,  and find they have stimulated me in my own portrait work. Thank you!”


Exhibit Dates: January 3 – 26

“RESURGENCE – Stephen Schafer, Jim Fitzgerald, John C. Lewis, Domenico Foschi, Luther Gerlach”

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 5, 4 – 6pm

Curators: Stephen Schafer, Jim Fitzgerald

Director’s Gallery: Gretel Compton, Bruce Freeman & Jim Rinde

ARTIST TALK: The Resurgence of Carbon Transfer Printing

 January 17.2013, 6 pm

Jim Fitzgerald, a photographic artist, camera builder and carbon transfer printer will give a talk on the art of carbon transfer printing at Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo on Thursday January 17,2013 at 6 pm.

Jim is one of the few traditional photographers today working in the mid-1860’s process of carbon transfer printing. He uses hand built large and ultra-large format cameras to create one-of-a-kind 3-dimensional images.

Jim is one of only a handful of photographic artists today who specializes in and teaches this unique process. He will discuss not only his carbon work but the passion one must have to create a fine piece of photographic art regardless of the final presentation.

Jim’s Artist Talk comes in conjunction with an exhibit at the Studio Channel Islands Gallery titled “RESURGENCE”, which provides the rare opportunity to view traditional photography by five nationally and internationally renowned photographers in a joint exhibit, featuring Jim Fitzgerald, Stephen Schafer, John C. Lewis, Domenico Foschi and Luther Gerlach.  The exhibit runs from January 3 through 25 with an opening reception on January 5, 4 – 6pm. The Director’s Gallery will showcase traditional print making by artists Gretel Compton and Bruce Freeman, and fine art wood sculpture by Jim Rinde.



PRECIOUS – Small Works

December 1 – 29, 2012

Juror Debra McKillop, an artist who currently teaches Studio Art at Ventura College, chose 52 works from 27 artists for the current exhibit “Precious – Small Works”. None of the works exceed 12 inches in any direction. Small but powerful pieces of art which can be enjoyed throughout the month of December at the gallery.

Congratulations to our winners!

1st  Place: Peggy Pownall, Ligne de Couture

2nd Place: Daggi Wallace, Transparency

3rd Place: Doug Rucker, Jumble Box

Honorable Mention:

Robert Diehl, Riders Shell WY

BiJian Fan, Healing

Patti Post, Pilgrims

Michael Rohde, Dionysus


Participating artists: Janet Amiri, Asandra, Carolyn Barone, Mary Ann Bednar, John S. Brown, Susan De Freitas, Robert Diehl, BiJian Fan, Blossom Friel, Karin Geiger, Brent Hanson, Kathy Ikerd, David Isakson, Charles Karp, Maggie Kildee, Jo Ellen lee, Mary McGill, Patricia Post, Anette Power, Peggy Pownall, Bob Privitt, Jim Rinde, Michael Rohde, Doug Rucker, Robin Tripaldi, and Daggi Wallace.


Exhibit Dates: November 3 – 21

“FILING CABINET” curated by Ty Pownall

An exhibition featuring contemporary paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works by the artists of United Cerebral Palsy, Los Angeles.

Filing Cabinet: Trying to Create Order Out of Chaos

A new show of contemporary paintings, sculptures, and multi-media works opens at the Studio Channel Islands Art Center Gallery in November. Curated by Ty Pownall, contemporary mixed-media artist and member of the Fine Arts Faculty at Pepperdine University, the show features the work of artists of United Cerebral Palsy, Los Angeles.

The show focuses on the artists’ attempts to deal with the flood of information, images, sights, and sounds that bombard us every day and threaten to overwhelm our ability to deal with them. The artists address this tidal wave of sensory data in their works, through reflection or retreat. Ty Pownall: “Billboard images, pop-up ads, gestural abstraction and symbolic marks; We attempt to sift through the noise of information and file it away in our mind, yet what starts as understood blends into a blur until it is fractured into a strobe of codes buzzing in our head as our brain tries to keep up with categorizing the assaults. “Filing Cabinet” isn’t clear or concise, but rather reflects the bombardment of images, symbols, and splintered ideas that flood our senses and psyche every minute of every day. Exhibited is work which responds to this bombardment through reflection or retreat.”

The exhibit will be complemented with an Artist Talk at the gallery “Art First” on November 15, 6 pm. Ty Pownall will touch on many issues revolving around curating and representing artists who have varying degrees of control in their lives. Free admission.

TRENDS – Annual Membership Exhibition

Exhibit Dates: October 3 – 27

Opening Reception & Award Presentation: October 6, 4 – 6 pm

Paintings in watercolor, oils and acrylics, sculptures made of clay, glass and bronze, woven wall pieces and photographs are on display in the newest Studio Channel Islands Art Center’s exhibit, “TRENDS”, which opened on October 3 and runs through October 27. The gallery hosted a reception and awards ceremony on Saturday, October 6, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

35 artists have submitted their finest works for this annual membership show. The exhibit was juried by Christine Morla, Chair of the Art Department at Oxnard College. “With a varied display of Ventura County’s up and coming and established artists, Trends gives us a glimpse of the polished mix of style and substance that is often overlooked in our area.” Morla said.

Awards for the best two- and three-dimensional pieces were given during the reception. First prizewinners received a joint solo show in the gallery in 2014.


First Place:

2D: Marion Wood, The Odd Couple

3D: Pamela Price Klebaum, Line Study


Second Place:

2D: Patti Post, Adjusting the Balance

3D: Janet Neuwalder, Flow


Third Place:

2D: Robert Diehl, Nuts & Bolts

3D: David Isakson, Kraanvogel


Honorable Mention:

Barbara Pickles, Salsify 1

Pat Richards Dodds, Soul Searcher

Gwen Norton, Twisted

Gloria Bradley, Leap of Faith

Bob Privitt, William Tell’s First Son

Michael Rohde, Royalty


“It was an honor and pleasure to jury Studio Channel Islands Art Center’s Annual Membership Exhibit. I was very impressed to see the high caliber and the varying scope of media and content during the jurying process. Choosing award recipients for this exhibit was particularly difficult for me due to the level of competitiveness of the art within the group.  In choosing the award recipients, I was most interested in recognizing artists who create a multi-directional dialog in sync with the contemporary trends in art today. I was also interested in artists who showed the ability and potential to push their work to the edge and in an experimental manner.  Congratulations to all of the participating artists!”

Christine Morla

Frances Elson, John S. Brown and Carlos Cordova “ICONIC IMAGES”

Exhibit Dates: September 1 – 26

Stunning and memorable images by three local artists will be on display at the Studio Channel Islands Art Center in a new exhibition starting in September.

John Brown has been taking pictures of things that interest him for over 40 years, from aerial to underwater, and everything in between. His photographs have won prizes at many juried shows, including a photograph he took in Hawaii that garnered him first prize for the 2-dimensional category in the Studio Channel Islands Art Center members’ competition two years ago, which was juried by John Carlander. The photos he selected for the new show, which he entitles “Ventura Country,” portray the beauty, variety, and cultural complexity of the local area through all the seasons of the year.

Frances Elson practices the art and craft of fused glass. Her pieces range from glassware and tableware to jewelry and fine art pieces. For the new show, she has created striking sculptures that combine the fluidity of fused glass with contrasting methods of creating surfaces and shapes, such as sandblasting, painting, and silk screening. The collection is aptly titled “Fuzion.”  She won first prize for her fused glass pieces in the 3-dimensional category in the Studio Channel Islands Art Center members’ competition two years ago.

Carlos Cordova will display his paintings of multi-layered images of the 40’s, 50’s’ and 60’s in Gallery II. His symbolic pieces, which include collages of painting and photos on canvas and wood, pay tribute to “The Boomer Years.” These recent paintings stem from a yearning for the optimism, elegance and artistic craftsmanship that he remembers growing up in a small town between Sacramento and San Francisco. “I have chosen very personal yet emblematic and culturally relevant subject matter to represent the character of these times,” he says.


Decoy & Lure

Exhibit Dates: August 4 to 25, 2012

Studio Channel Islands Art Center unveiled a juried exhibit titled “Decoy & Lure,” at a reception and award presentation on Saturday, August 4. Artists unleashed their imagination – and their sense of mischief and fun! “Decoy & Lure” is featuring all media. The exhibited works of art fool and deceive, entice and trap, camouflage and reveal!

Juror Kevin Wallace, Director of the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts in Ojai, chose works by 19 artists. He gave Carolyn Ryan top honors for “The Space Between”, a hand-painted and sewn textile piece. Doug Rucker was awarded 2nd place for his Reflection Photograph “Incognito”. Katherine Cooksey was thrilled to win 3rd place for her oil painting “On Top”.

Featured artists: Joni Armel, Marcos Armitaje, Evelyn Baehr, John S. Brown, Katherine Cooksey, Robert Diehl, BiJian Fan, Blossom Friel, Brent Hanson, David Isakson, Pamela Price Klebaum, Eileen Maloney, Mary McGill, Leslie McQuaide, Janet Milhomme, Bob Privitt, Doug Rucker, Carolyn Ryan and Judy Winard.


Timeless Textiles: Work by Designing Weavers

Exhibit Dates: July 6 to 28, 2012

Dale Gluckman, independent curator and former head of the Department of Costumes and Textiles at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has selected some of the best works by members of the iconic organization “Designing Weavers”. Included in the exhibit are tapestry, basketry, fiber sculpture, art garments, beaded works, incredible lace work, rugs, and pieces using found, up-cycled objects.


Neo Magical Realism – The Divinity of Beautiful

Exhibit Dates: June 1 – 30, 2012

Magic, even of the pedestrian rabbit-from-the-hat type, taps into our sense of mystery and wonder. “How can that be possible?” we want to know. Three local artists bring the same magic and mystery to the works they create, images at once recognizable and mystical, simple and mysteriously evocative. Their art is a different, but equally mysterious, kind of magic.

Maggie Kildee, a woman of wide-ranging talents and interests, transformed herself from teacher and local political figure into an artist in clay, who is especially interested in sculpting female forms of all shapes and moods.

Omar d’Leon is an internationally recognized painter and poet, a refugee from Nicaragua who has made his home in Camarillo for the last 27 years. His work has been celebrated in galleries and museums in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Andrea Yomtob, who has been apprenticed to Omar d’Leon since 1999, is a local artist and professional children’s book illustrator. Her paintings focus on natural elements, imbued with a sense of both simplicity and strangeness.


Printmaking: The Traditional Meets the Contemporary

Exhibit Dates: May 5 to 26, 2012

Juror James Webb, who has worked with artists Frank Stella, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, has chosen pieces from 12 exceptional artists for the show: Joni Armel, Karen L. Brown, Michael Clinite, Bruce Freeman, Blossom Friel, Carol Henry, Kate Marking, Tuan Jason Nguyen, Patricia Post, Bob Privitt, Karen Schroeder and Connie Tunick.


VISIONS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Students and Faculty from Moorpark College

Exhibit Dates: April 4 to 28, 2012

Students and faculty members of Moorpark College were featured at the gallery in the month of April. Among them are the three finalists for the 2012 AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ART STUDIES: students Dustin Sherron, Lydia Fenwick and Jenea Rubida.


Cross Pollination

Exhibit Dates: March 3 to 31, 2012

Cross Pollination, a mixed media art exhibit featured works by 15 artists who have crossed several art techniques and mediums to create something fresh and beautiful. Moorpark College studio art professor Cynthia Minet selected the winning pieces.

Participating artists: BiJian Fan, Blossom Friel, Karin Geiger, Eileen Hyman, Susan Lasch Krevitt, Arlene Mead, Lucia Grossberger Morales, L. Ford Neale, Gwenlyn Norton, Patricia Post, Peggy Pownall, Bob Privitt, Doug Rucker, Sylvia Torres and Marion Wood.



Exhibit Dates: February 2 to 25, 2012

Watercolor, oil and encaustic paintings, ceramic sculptures and photographs will be on display in the newest Studio Channel Islands Art Center’s exhibit, “Connections” which will open on February 2 and continue to run through February 25.  Studio Channel Islands’ resident artists have chosen their finest works for the show.  Featured artists include Rich Brimer, Carol Henry, Maggie Kildee and Christine Leong.


Studio Channel Islands Alumni NOW!

Exhibit Dates: January 4 – 28, 2012

Current and retrospective work from eight former Artists-in-Residence were selected by curator Arlene Mead: Chris Beirne, Gerd Koch, Russell McMillin, Tom McMillin, Leslie McQuaide, Julia Pinkham, Cheryl Thomas and Sylvia Torres.



ACHS@SCIART, January 8 –  29

Classical Contemporary – Russ McMillin and David Elder, February 5 – 26

Travels in Time – Pat Richards Doods, featuring Michelle Chapin and Peter Cannon, March 5 – April 2

Celebrating Life – Susan R. Kaufman, Lynn Creighton, Susan Cook, April 9 – 30

Floral Anthology – Juror: Tony Askew, May 7 – 28

Delicate Imbalance – Peggy Pownall, Ty Pownall, June 4 – 25

Shot Through the Heart: New Photos – Juror: Stephen Schafer, July 2 – 30

Fragmentary Memory – Eun-Kyung Suh, August 6 – 27

Horizontal Shift: New Landscapes – Juror: Jacquelyn Cavish, September 3 – October 1

One Degree of Separation – Karen Brooks, October 8 – 29

Show & Tell, Annual Membership Show, November 5 – 26

Small & Smaller: Small Works, Big Ideas, Juror: Susan Scott, December 1 – 31



Reincarnation: The Art of Recycling, Curator: Michele DePuy Leavitt, January 22 – February 27

North Forty/ Purple Haze – Marjorie Moscowitz, March 5 – April 10

Fiber 2010 West, Curator: Julie Kornblum, April 16 – May 22

Work for a New Decade, Juror: Anthony Askew, May 28 – July 3

Fresh AIR, Juror: Tom McMillin, July 6 – August 14

Cool Works for a Hot Summer, Annual Membership Exhibit, Juror: John Carlander, August 20 – September 25

Hillary Scott, Lucia Grossberger Morales, October 1 – November 6

Small Works, Juror: Michele DePuy Leavitt, November 12 – December 31