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We welcome Los Primeros School of Sciences and Arts to their annual school play at the Blackboard Gallery.

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Ty Pownall, Gretchen Batcheller

Exhibit Dates: March 10 to April 3, 2015

Opening Reception: March 14, 4 – 6 pm

The Blackboard Gallery at Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo is pleased to host an exhibition of painting and sculpture by two contemporary artists, Gretchen Batcheller and Ty Pownall, who are faculty members of Pepperdine University, Department of Fine Arts.

Ty Pownall, from Los Angeles, uses his dynamic sculptures to explore the relationship between culture, science and mythology. His works in this exhibition are influenced by the power dynamics seen through the gender roles in creation stories, modernistic architecture and color usage in contemporary art.



Gretchen Batcheller has lived in Los Angeles for the past two years. Her paintings investigate the multifaceted make-up and complex story of the city. She seeks to create a dialog with the viewer by representing it through its endless layers of growth, stagnancy, depression and revival.


On April 1 at 5 pm, the artists invite you to an Artist Talk at the Blackboard Gallery. No admission, free parking.









Coming Up:

April: Brooks Institute Students and Faculty

  • April 9th -25th
  • Reception Sat, April 11th

May: Over Your Sofa, CfE

  • April 30th-May 22nd
  • Reception Sat, May 2nd

June: Julia Pinkham, Andrea Haffner and BiJian Fan

  • June 4th- 26th
  • Reception Sat, June 6th

July: Joseph Sohm plus “Americana” CfE

  • July 2nd-24th
  • Reception Fri, July 3rd

August: Jordan Poe, Mike Pecsok, and Patrick Fisher

  • July 30th- August 28th
  • Reception Sat, Aug 1st

September: Michael Pearce

  • September 3rd- 25th
  • Reception Sat, September 5th

October: Day of the Dead Memento Mori, with Mark Fegundis and Ashley Fisher,  CfE

  • October 1st-23rd
  • Reception Sat, October 3rd

November: Tom and Patti Post, with Kerry Methner

  • Runs 5th-27th
  • Reception Sat, November 7th

December: Annual Membership Show, CfE

  • December 3rd – 29th
  • Reception Sat, December 5th

Schedule is subject to change.


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