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Paintings by Michael Pearce

Exhibit Dates: September 3 - 25

Opening Reception Saturday, September 5, 4 – 6 pm

Artist Talk Saturday, September 19, 3 pm

Michael Pearce started working on the oil paintings for his show “Love” after he published his book, “Art in the Age of Emergence”, a book about the aesthetics of representational art in the emergent age. The works in the show reflect his obsession with depicting the sharing of minds and the elusiveness of knowing another person. “They are paintings of the feeling you get when you love; they emphasize the fragile unity of mind meeting mind.”

“You can never really understand what is going on in someone else’s head. You can never, ever, really connect. The closest we get to it is in love.” Through his work, Pearce chases the idea that you can reach out to somebody and experience a connection with them. By doing this, he is painting love.

“In the twentieth century we were focused on trying to make something new after the devastation of World War One and World War Two, but in this century our collective culture has very different ideas about our priorities, and we’re much more focused on how we live together, how we communicate and how we might love one another.”

Much of Pearce’s art is figurative and allegorical. He uses oil paint to transform canvases into stories that embrace the magic and romance of an earlier era. He uses conceptual themes that capture his audience by encouraging their individual imaginative interpretation of the events he has painted. There’s meaning here – a reconstruction of ideas bigger than self– that makes these paintings feel greater than their already large size.

Born in England, Michael Pearce came to Southern California in 1990 where he now works and lives. He is the curator of the Kwan Fong Gallery of Art and Culture, Associate Professor of Art at California Lutheran University, and an accomplished oil painter, installation designer, and award-winning theatrical scenic designer. He claims that teaching painting and drawing to CLU students is the most rewarding job of his life. Michael’s paintings are in the following collections: oil heir Andrew Getty, Rap Mogul Percy Miller (Master P), movie director Jennifer Lynch, rapper Corey Miller (C-Murder), In Living Color creator Kim Bass, superstar Snoop Dogg, The Carsey Werner Company, San Fernando Valley Historical Society, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, actor Shane Brolly, E.P. Graphics, director Alon Aranya, Skinny Puppy singer Kevin “Ohgr” Ogilvie, CLU Professor Sue Bauer.

He will discuss his new book “Art and the Age of Emergence” at a talk on Saturday, September 19th at 3pm in the Blackboard Gallery. The public is invited free of charge.


Coming Up:


 Mark Fagundes: “Memento Mori,”

Ashley Fisher: “Secrets of Nature”

& “Spirits, Souls, and The Next Journey” A Group Exhibit

Exhibit Dates: October 1 – 31

Opening Reception Saturday, October 3, 4 – 6 pm

Spirits, Souls, and The Next Journey” is an exhibition of artworks that explore the transient nature of life, reflect on our mortality, and honor those who have left this world ahead of us. From the comical and celebratory to the serious and reflective, this show joins generations of artists who have looked to inspirations as diverse as faith, humor and agony to create symbolic reminders of the inevitability of death – Memento Mori, and the importance of remembrance – El Dia de los Muertos.


October: Day of the Dead Memento Mori, with Mark Fegundis and Ashley Fisher,  CfE

  • October 1 -31
  • Reception Sat, October 3rd

November: Tom and Patti Post, with Kerry Methner

  • Runs 5th-27th
  • Reception Sat, November 7th

December: Annual Membership Show, CfE

  • December 3rd – 29th
  • Reception Sat, December 5th

Schedule is subject to change.