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sofa front

“Over Your Sofa”

Juried Group Show

Exhibit Dates: April 30 – May 22, 2015

Opening Reception and Award Presentation: Saturday, May 2, 4 – 6 pm

Blurring the lines between fine art and functional art, we join the ongoing, lively discussion of form, function, and the famous assertion that good art doesn’t need to match the sofa. All media were invited, whether the artwork belongs over, beside or in front of the sofa – or, for that matter, if it IS the sofa. Juror: Lois Lambert

Exhibiting artists:

Gloria Bradley, John S. Brown, Carlos Cordova, Harold Epstein, Avery Falkner, Dan Givens, Julia Hacker, Hakob Jambazian, Charles Karp, Charles Magallanes, Stuart Marcus, Colette Hope Marks, Mary McGill, Janet Milhomme, Ellen November, Patricia Post, Tom Post, Linda Price, Natalie Reilly, Pat Richards Dodds, Melanie Roschko, Sherron Sheppard, Jerry Shevick, Regina Vorgang, Marion Wood, Monica Wyatt

1st place: Monica Wyatt- “For Testing Purposes Only”

2nd place: Ellen November- “Getty Villa” 

3rd place: Julia Hacker- ‘Pump it up (Loneliness)” 




Julia Pinkham, Andrea Haffner, BiJian Fan

Exhibit Dates: June 4 – 26, 2015

Opening Reception: June 6, 4 – 6 pm

Three local artists, Julia Pinkham, Andrea Haffner and BiJian Fan, combine their talents and share their unique world views in a new show entitled Kinetic Lines.

Julia Pinkham’s work is also strongly influenced by the natural world and organic forms. She blends spontaneous elements of chance with controlled, intentional mark-making, allowing things to appear in her art without pre-planning.  She thus creates a dialog between unconscious impulses and purposeful and conscious “left-brain” deliberation.  In her current series of gestural abstract paintings, she utilizes mixed media and acrylic on both canvas and paper.  She often works with her brushes attached to long sticks in an effort to blend random actions with deliberate strokes to reveal the forms and occasional images that appear in her paintings.

BiJian Fan explores the aesthetic and physical properties of various materials such as paper, PVC, stainless steel and electroluminescent light, and shapes them into kinetic sculptures. Building on a tradition of paper art learned from his Chinese grandmother, he transforms two dimensional static material into three dimensional kinetic sculptures.  These cutting-edge designs represent an evolution in space and time.  For him, motion energizes the space and symbolizes impermanence in the Universe.  Sound and light technology are integrated with his art to create interactive works that foster innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Andrea Haffner’s art explores themes dealing with relationships, solitude, experience and complex human emotions.   She collects her compositional materials from the richly diverse forms that exist in the natural world that surrounds her, often searching for objects in urban landscapes or rare gardens in the hills of Ojai.  With an abiding interest in small containers, she is fascinated with the ways they can serve as both holders of precious things and deliberate points of focus. Through her art pieces, she creates an ever-evolving visual language and invites viewers to take note of parts of the world that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Coming Up:

July: Joseph Sohm plus “Americana” CfE

  • July 2nd-24th
  • Reception Fri, July 3rd

August: Jordan Poe, Mike Pecsok, and Patrick Fisher

  • July 30th- August 28th
  • Reception Sat, Aug 1st

September: Michael Pearce

  • September 3rd- 25th
  • Reception Sat, September 5th

October: Day of the Dead Memento Mori, with Mark Fegundis and Ashley Fisher,  CfE

  • October 1st-23rd
  • Reception Sat, October 3rd

November: Tom and Patti Post, with Kerry Methner

  • Runs 5th-27th
  • Reception Sat, November 7th

December: Annual Membership Show, CfE

  • December 3rd – 29th
  • Reception Sat, December 5th

Schedule is subject to change.


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