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Award for Excellence in Art Studies


In 2006 Studio Channel Islands Art Center created its first college and university scholarship, formerly known as the Pat Richards Scholarship for Art Studies. The Art Center was founded in 1998 on the new campus of Cal State Channel Islands. One of the key missions of the founding arts organization was to encourage the development of an arts program at the new university.
It was decided by the Board of Directors and the members that we should find a way to give back to the University for allowing the art center to be created in the midst of a CSU campus. Each year SCIART awarded a $1000 award to an outstanding Cal State Channel Islands art student. The scholarship was named in honor of Pat Richards, founding member and first Chairperson of the Board.
In 2011 SCIART had moved to Old Town Camarillo. It was decided by the Awards Committee that it would be appropriate to rename the scholarship, which is now the Award for Excellence in Art Studies. It was also decided to extend the Award to each community college and university in Ventura County. First on the list was Cal Lutheran University, followed by Moorpark College, Oxnard College and Ventura College. This year, 2015, the award will go to a Brooks School of Photography student.

In 2011, Luis Peña from California Lutheran University was awarded. Dustin Sherron from Moorpark Collage received the Award for Excellence in Art Studies in 2012Donna Espinoza from Oxnard College was chosen to as the award recipient in 2013, and Samantha Ryan from Ventura College was awarded with the award in 2014. Art students from Brooks Institute have been invited to apply for the Award for Excellence in Art Studies in 2015.

The jurors for the Award for Excellence are Gerd Koch, Patricia Post, Bob Privitt, John Nichols and Anna Bermudez.

This year’s Award Ceremony and opening reception for the Brooks School of Photography will be on Saturday, April 11th in the Blackboard Gallery of Studio Channel Islands Art Center, 2222 Ventura Blvd, Camarillo, CA, 93010.



• The student must be a college art major with a goal of becoming a full-time artist.
“Artist” includes commercial artist, art teacher, craftsperson, photographer, designer, and fine artist.

• The work must be original art. There is no restriction on medium, style or artistic area — however, installations and performance art are excluded.

• Work submitted for judging must have been created by a college art student enrolled in a college located in Ventura County. The goal is to showcase the quality of art teaching in the selected college, as well as the work of the student.

• The $1,000 award will be based on the quality of artwork and presentation, rather than on financial need.

• Art students who decide to participate will submit artwork to the Art Chair/Lead Faculty for judging at the College level. Because each college has its own selection process, it will be up to the College Art Department to meet its own standards as they submit candidates to Studio Channel Islands  for review. The Art Department Chair or Selection Committee will then submit portfolios of three student candidates for Studio Channel Islands Art Center’s consideration.

• Each student’s portfolio should consist of exactly 12 jpg digital images at 300 dpi on a disc. Submitting more or fewer images will disqualify the candidate. The work should be a cross-section of skills and expertise in at least two areas. Example: Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Design, various 3-Dimensional media.