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Adult Art Camp

January 21 – 25, 2013

Studio Channel Islands Art Center offers a one-week art immersion program in small groups of  students.


Instructions will be given by  professional artists. Join Susan R. Kaufman to create a miniature clay bust of a loved one using super sculpey. Susan Lasch Krevitt will teach an encaustic workshop which will introduce you to learning different techniques and ways of working with wax. Deborah Jarchow offers two workshops: Beginning Weaving on a 4 harness loom and Weave a Stash Vest on a rigid heddle loom. Gary Saderup, a master of charcoal portraits, will show you rendering techniques and help you create your own charcoal portraits in his drawing workshop. Join Elana Kundell to explore color and the tools of expression in oil or work with Peggy Pownall in mixed media to explore your own artistic pathway. Mary-Gail King‘s watercolor class will focus on traditional methods with a contemporary twist. Rich Brimer will teach Oil Painting in a comprehensive and fun way. 

Students can choose one or two 15 hour classes. Each class will be held for three hours every day, Monday through Friday.

Morning classes: 9 am to noon, afternoon classes: 1 pm – 4 pm, evening classes: 5 pm – 8 pm


One class, three hours per day for 5 days   $325

Two classes, six hours per day for 5 days   $495

Additional materials cost will apply and will be payable directly to the instructor on the first day of class.

To register, call 805.383.1368, email or stop by the Gallery in Old Town Camarillo, 2221 Ventura Boulevard. Gift Certificates are available!

Classes may be cancelled if they don’t fill. If Studio Channel Islands has to cancel a workshop, registered students will receive a full refund or they can transfer to another class that has room.


Following a Creative Idea
Instructor Peggy Pownall

Working in mixed media, we will focus on how to explore one’s own, personal, unique, artistic pathway. Learning how to visually develop an idea and encourage its evolution, you will discover how to create work that ONLY you could create. This class is for all levels, whether you’re an experienced painter wanting to find a deeper expression, or a beginner eager to let your imagination loose!

Since this class will take an individualized approach, materials may vary from student to student. Please bring whatever materials and supplies you normally use, or which you wish to explore.
Additionally, each student should bring the following:
• A sketchbook/journal, any size
• An assortment of papers for collage – plain or printed, whatever interests you. Use your imagination – no need to go and buy paper; think “repurpose.”
There will be a $20 fee per student, for use of materials provided by the instructor, with the possibility of purchasing extra supplies
as needed.
This class will be offered in the afternoon.


Stash Vest on the Rigid Heddle Loom
Instructor Deborah Jarchow

Students will learn how to weave fabric on the rigid heddle while using up stash yarns. We will discuss what yarns will work together and how to choose the colors and textures for your project. During the week, you will weave the fabric and learn how to assemble the vest.

Student Material List:
Approximately 1200 yards of project yarn for Vest size M – L, adjust according to your size.
Approx 600 yards of Stash Yarns for Warp
Approx 600 yards of Solid Complimenting Weft Yarn
Note taking supplies
A rigid heddle loom with at least 12” wide weaving width.
7.5 or 8 dent reed (you can rent one from Deborah if needed)
2 stick shuttles or boat shuttle with bobbins
Basic weaving tools – like sley hook, threading hook, etc, (those that came with your loom).
Scissors, Tapestry needle, Straight pins, Measuring tape
Sewing thread and twill tape to match your yarn
Waste yarn – acrylic worsted weight yarn is best (40 – 50 yds)

$5 materials cost for handouts. Additional yarn will be available for purchase.

This class is available in the afternoon.


Beginning Weaving on the 4 Harness Loom
Instructor Deborah Jarchow

If you’ve decided to learn to weave, this is the class for you. You will learn the basics of weaving by preparing the warp, warping your loom from front to back, weaving your sampler and finishing the fabric.
Learn to weave and receive many weaving tips during the workshop. You will receive a booklet with complete instructions for setting up and weaving your project along with a goody bag of weaving supplies.

Student Material List:
Note taking supplies
A loom with at least 4 harnesses and 8” wide weaving width
At least 30 heddles on each harness 1 – 4
6 or 12 dent reed in the loom
1 or 2 shuttles (prefer boat shuttles)
2 – 3 bobbins per shuttle
Scissors, 4 or 5 brown grocery bags (like from Vons or TJ’s)
Weft yarn (optional)
$25.00 materials fee for the warp and a selection of yarns
for your weft, along with a variety of weaving goodies.
If you have novelty yarn you’d like to try as some of your weft, please bring it along.
If you do not have a loom and need to rent one, there will be a $25.00 per month rental fee. Please let us know in advance if you would like to rent one.

This class is available in the evening.


Painting with Encaustic Wax
Instructor Susan Lasch Krevitt

This Encaustic Wax workshop is open to all learning levels. Beginning with a discussion of safe/best studio practices, students will learn a variety of techniques for working with this ancient, sensual and translucent medium. Encaustic is applied hot, in a molten state to an absorbent ground and offers a wide range of possibilities to artists with background in other mediums. Daily demos will include creating smooth & textured surfaces, sgraffitto, embedding found objects, image transfer, working with paper & textiles, and encaustic
monotypes. There will be plenty of time to experiment and create sample boards or work independently.

$40 materials fee includes paint, medium, brushes, hot palettes, heat guns, three 12×12 boards, paper for monotypes and a bag of ephemera! extra boards will be available for purchase.
This class is available in the evening.


Miniature Sculptures in Clay
Instructor:  Susan R. Kaufman

This workshop is designed to give students a good beginning background in how to get your idea to a physical form.
The main project during this workshop will be a clay bust by making an aluminum armature and using Super Sculpey. Students bring in a frontal view, side and back view of a person you want to do. Students will learn how to apply clay onto this armature and how to capture a likeness. The instructor will give pointers including emphasis on anatomical differences with the young and the elderly. Students work at their own pace with visual aids and guidance from the teacher. We will apply a patina of metallic paint to make it look like a bronze. For those who are done with the miniature bust project, there will be another project offered on how to
start and create an Elephant Seal.

Cost for materials of clay for bust and aluminum wire, wire mesh, plus paint etc. will be $35 per person. Tools will be  loaned out only during class time. This class will be available in the morning.


Color and Expression
Instructor Elana Kundell

In this exciting class, students will explore the elements of color and expression through intuitive and observational exercises. There will be plenty of experimentation as we cover topics in representation and abstraction. This is an ideal class for artists seeking to enhance their understanding of color relationships and to expand their range of expression. Open to all levels.

$40 materials fee includes paper, three canvases, mixed media and paints.

This class is available in the evening only.


Portrait Painting in Charcoal
Instructor Gary Saderup

Gary Saderup will show you step by step how to draw a charcoal portrait. You will start by studying the proportions of the head and focus on what makes a face unique. Charcoal rendering techniques and style will be discussed. Advanced students are welcome to bring their own works and Gary will help them with it. At the end of the workshop, you will have successfully completed one or more portraits.

Material list:

canson toned paper [ brown , green or grey]
2b, hb and 6b general charcoal pencils
white general pencil
kneaded erasier and magic rub peel off erasier
¼ inch paper blending stump
drawing board with clips

Materials can be purchased from the instructor. Please let us know in advance  if you want to buy the supplies from Gary Saderup.

This class will be held in the afternoon.


Beginning Watercolor
Instructor Mary-Gail King

Have you ever imagined sitting outdoors and sketching a beautiful sunset?  Maybe you’d like to render a vase of flowers as a gift or take your sketchbook on vacation.  This introductory class is designed to give you the skills and confidence to do just that!  You’ll learn basic watercolor techniques and two dimensional design concepts.   We’ll paint every day and you’ll leave the class with a solid foundation in fundamental painting skills.  Most of all you’ll have fun!

Day 1  You’ll start with an introduction to the materials and setting up your painting area.  We’ll also cover:

  • An overview of watercolor and its unique qualities
  • Choosing your subject matter
  • How to start your first painting.

Day 2 I’ll go over the basic principles and elements of design. These tools will stay with you as long as you are creating any kind of art. You’ll also learn about specialty techniques such as:

  • using a resist
  • scratching out
  • using salt to create texture
  • using instant coffee to create color and texture
  • wet on wet
  • wet on dry
  • dry brush
  • using glazes
  • using goache and the great debate over white paint

Day 3  We’ll do thumbnail sketches and learn how to reserve whites and use darks to move you through your painting.  Learn how cropping can improve your design.

Day 4  We’ll evaluate our work to date and I’ll teach you how to critique what you’ve done.  This is an empowering part of the creative process.  You’ll see what you’ve done and what you can do to improve your work.  I’ll also introduce some techniques that can save your painting.

Day 5   We’ll put an action plan into place so you’ll keep painting once you get home!   Emphasis is on having fun, nurturing yourself, being part of a community, etc!  We’ll do some hands on exercises and have a round table discussion to finish.

  • Setting up a creative space
  • Plein Air
  • Still life
  • Sketch books
  • Journaling
  • Classes
  • Creative support groups

Basic materials fee is $20 for two 30”x22” sheets of Arches watercolor paper

Additional materials fee of $25 if you want to use my paint.


  • Simple reference photos to use throughout the week.
  • Your own brushes and watercolor paint in a large (9×12) palette
  • I recommend a warm and a cool of the three primaries and green, one orange and one purple
  • Do buy your own brushes.  1” flat, #8 and #12 round, and optional #4 rigger

Please come with your palette ready to paint.  There’s a detailed watercolor supply list on my web site.

This class will be available in the morning.



Oil Painting
Instructor Rich Brimer

This class for all levels, will be a mix of still-life and studio-work on paintings started from photos.  Composition, contrast (value, intensity and hue of color, along with brushwork handling will all be covered in a comprehensive and fun way. Each student may work for several sessions on the same painting.

$45 materials fee includes two 8″ x 10″ canvas boards, professional grade oil paints and use of easel and brushes.

This class is offered in the afternoon.

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